Sample Sale | The Row

This is the reason why I moved to New York! (not really but its a huge plus). Pre-having lived here I believed sample sales to be urban myths, how Carrie Bradshaw spent her Saturdays, and something to daydream about but definitely not real. Well, I can tell you sample sales are not an urban myth but very, very real. It is easy to get carried away and buy stuff that isn't so great because the deals are often just that good so I tend to avoid them like the plague; I am a firm believer in quality vs. quantity. However....if it is a designer/clothing line that I have no trouble or remorse paying full retail for then you can count on me being there. The Row is great because the silhouettes are timeless and simple, which is good because that means the items are usually "seasonless". If you are looking to invest in some staple pieces then The Row is one of the few ways to go. For the past couple of days they held a sample sale and I went twice.....Yes, it was that good! (all pictures are mine unless stated otherwise)  xx