Beauty | The Perfect Pout

SO……..I contemplated long and hard on whether or not I would share this bit of information…..I think the deciding factor was how common it has become to shamelessly achieve “the perfect pout”. I’ve been getting lip injections for the past 7 years. I know that sounds like a long time and a lot of Juvederm but when you think about how long the results last it's really not as bad as it sounds. If I am being completely honest there were times that I went a little overboard but there were also times where I went long periods without touching my lips. The first time I had anything done to my lips I only had half of a full syringe of Juvederm injected into my top lip. I did not touch my bottom lip until my 3rd or 4th time. This is because my (natural) top lip was almost none existent. Then I started to get a full syringe (half for top and half for bottom), too achieve a more balanced look. Then I went overboard lol. Anyway, my point is, if there is a feature you’re insecure about I think there is nothing wrong with a little nip/tuck. You don’t have to broadcast your doings to the world like I am but you shouldn’t be ashamed of them either.



-        Do your research…on everything (doctors, side-effects, filler-type) Try to get as much reliable information as possible.

-        Know what you want and be realistic. It’s not wise to go to a doctor without knowing what you’re hoping to achieve. Be very clear. Your doctor will tell you if it is attainable or not and go through the steps to get you there etc.

-        If there is a picture of someone who has the look you’re going for, do not be afraid to show    the picture to your doctor. A picture is a good reference for the doctor and gives the doctor a better idea of the look you are hoping to achieve. Communication is key.

-        Avoid blood thinners beforehand to reduce chances of bruising.

-        Start small. Less is more, especially when you are starting out.


-        Similar to no filled lips. I would recommend that a you add a moisturizing lip scrub (Lush has a good one) and a strong lip moisturizer or chapstick.

-      results should last you 6 to 12 months


Feel free to ask me anything related to this post, also if you are in the NYC or LA area and need a MedSpa or Plastic Surgeon recommendation lmk…..