Met Gala 2016 | Manus v. Machina

Here are my favorite looks from last nights Manus v. Machina themed gala.

  1.  Bella Hadid  Givenchy

  2. Karlie Kloss  Brandon Maxwell

  3. Kate Upton  TopShop

  4. Kylie Jenner  Balmain

  5. Kendall Jenner  Versace

  6. Naomi Watts  Burberry

  7. Jourdan Dunn  Balmain

  8. Naomi Campbell  Cavalli Couture

  9. Nicole kidman  Alexander McQueen

  10. Bette Midler  Marc Jacobs

  11. Kate Bosworth  Dolce & Gabbana 

  12. Alicia Vikander  Louis Vuitton

(this is such a cool theme, but a lot of designers left me feeling uninspired. A lot of the attendees looked as if they were attending a cocktail party, not THE MET GALA! )

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Beauty | The Perfect Pout

SO……..I contemplated long and hard on whether or not I would share this bit of information…..I think the deciding factor was how common it has become to shamelessly achieve “the perfect pout”. I’ve been getting lip injections for the past 7 years. I know that sounds like a long time and a lot of Juvederm but when you think about how long the results last it's really not as bad as it sounds. If I am being completely honest there were times that I went a little overboard but there were also times where I went long periods without touching my lips. The first time I had anything done to my lips I only had half of a full syringe of Juvederm injected into my top lip. I did not touch my bottom lip until my 3rd or 4th time. This is because my (natural) top lip was almost none existent. Then I started to get a full syringe (half for top and half for bottom), too achieve a more balanced look. Then I went overboard lol. Anyway, my point is, if there is a feature you’re insecure about I think there is nothing wrong with a little nip/tuck. You don’t have to broadcast your doings to the world like I am but you shouldn’t be ashamed of them either.



-        Do your research…on everything (doctors, side-effects, filler-type) Try to get as much reliable information as possible.

-        Know what you want and be realistic. It’s not wise to go to a doctor without knowing what you’re hoping to achieve. Be very clear. Your doctor will tell you if it is attainable or not and go through the steps to get you there etc.

-        If there is a picture of someone who has the look you’re going for, do not be afraid to show    the picture to your doctor. A picture is a good reference for the doctor and gives the doctor a better idea of the look you are hoping to achieve. Communication is key.

-        Avoid blood thinners beforehand to reduce chances of bruising.

-        Start small. Less is more, especially when you are starting out.


-        Similar to no filled lips. I would recommend that a you add a moisturizing lip scrub (Lush has a good one) and a strong lip moisturizer or chapstick.

-      results should last you 6 to 12 months


Feel free to ask me anything related to this post, also if you are in the NYC or LA area and need a MedSpa or Plastic Surgeon recommendation lmk…..



Roasted Carrot Soup

Since I have moved, I have not been doing very much cooking. The kitchen in my new apartment is a little smaller and a lot sleeker. It's not the kind of kitchen that screams "come cook in me" but lately I've been feeling the urge to cook more and more. Tonight I made something super simple. It doesn't require a lot of ingredients and is super healthy. 

What you need 

(serves 3-4)

  • 8-10 small/medium sized Carrots (organic)
  • 5 cups of veggie or chicken stock (organic)
  • 1 white onion (diced or sliced)
  • 2 cloves of garlic (adjust to taste)
  • 1 inch piece of ginger (peeled, adjust to taste)
  • olive oil/salt/pepper (to taste)

What to do

1.     Preheat oven to 375F. Skin and chop carrots into 1 inch pieces, put half of the chopped carrots and 1 garlic clove on a baking sheet and season with olive oil, salt and pepper. Let the carrots roast for about 25min or until lightly browned and soft.

2.     Bring the stock to a boil with the onion, ginger and remaining carrots/garlic in a saucepan. let simmer for 15min. Then transfer mixture to a blender.

3.     Add roasted carrots to the blender and blend until smooth.

Tip: Once blended feel free to add and blend more garlic or ginger if you prefer a stronger taste…..Garnish each portion with a drizzle of olive oil and pinch of salt/pepper. Enjoy!


Alida Boer | Maria's Bags

   Recently, I had the pleasure of meeting Alida Boer. She is a former Miss Guatemala, current philanthropist and handbag designer. Boer is the beautiful woman (inside and out) behind Maria’s Bags. A business that she has won many awards for gives back to the women and town of Pastores in Sacatepequez, Guatemala. Boer is passionate about her culture and having the voices of the people of Guatemala being represented in each design. Maria’s Bags are so rich in color, the hand-crafted patterns are so intricate and every bag is nearly a one of a kind.  “Every huipil textile represents a different village and tells a different story. The huipil are what the local ladies used to wear before there was a civil war, that was followed by a great deal of discrimination, which lead the women to stop wearing the textiles that identified them” says Boer. The making of this sort of textile is very intensive and was soon to be a lost art. Boer has being training the women with the help of experienced designers the skills needed to give the huipil textile a new life (hence Maria’s Bags). Boer further explains the importance of the textiles and the sense of identity they give to the people of Guatemala. The women who work on these textiles are masters of their crafts. Boer is an avid supporter of the women passing down the art for the generations to come. “A portion of the proceeds from Marias Bags goes to a school in Guatemala to provide the children with free education and meals”. With over 500 women in her network Boer is able to provide fair wages that help build and support the families and communities of the women.

Boer has a flagship store in Guatemala, and is stocked in many retailers in Latin America.

For further inquires contact

Keep up with Alida and Maria's bags on Instagram by clicking here

Tips & Tricks | Wardrobe Organization w/Sasha

My good friend Sasha de Oliveira' has a long history of working in luxury retail and fashion. Sasha has a perfect eye when it comes to 'product placement' and organization. She has organized the closets of many people in need of her skill from athletes, their wives to wall street tycoons. Recently, Sasha landed what many young fashion girls would call their dream job; U.S. brand ambassador at the one and only Balmain store in the United States opening in Soho this spring. That all being said it was only natural for me to have her revamp my closets and have her share some tips and tricks with you.


1. The most important thing to do before you start on the 'organizing' is go through everything and put aside anything that you're not wearing. You should be able to wear everything you have hanging up. Your closet is not the place for hoarding. Basically Purge.

2. Hangers play a huge role. All your clothes should look expensive even if it is just a plain white t-shirt. Whether the hangers are velvet, chrome or cedar/wood they should all match. I hate when people leave the dry-cleaning hangers or plastic wrap on their clothes, take five minutes to take the clothes out of the plastic and on to a proper hanger.

3. Categorizing is key and this is where my eye for merchandising comes into play...keep like items together and coordinate from there. Example: keep all your blazers together then place them by weight/color (dark to light) /tones, then do the same for knits, button-downs so on and so forth. Your heaviest knits should be neatly folded and strategically placed. Your closet should look like a store. If you have a shoe wall then neatly align your shoes, if you do not have that luxury then line the shoes you wear the most along the bottom of your closet. You don't walk into Saint Laurent and see all the clothes, shoes and handbags randomly thrown together with no cohesiveness so your closet shouldn't look like that either. 

Follow these rules and your clothes will thank you for it.


Sky and Sasha

Follow Sasha on Instagram by Clicking here: SashaElina

Golden Globes Best-Dressed

I love award season in Hollywood. The gatherings are so glamorous. The Golden Globes were last night. I watched, like most of you, from the comfort of my sofa (glass of wine in hand). The best part of shows of this sort, is of course, the fashion. Rosie Huntington-Whiteley leads in this best dressed list wearing..........

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley wearing Atelier Versace; Jennifer Lawrence in Dior Couture; Heidi Klum wearing Marchesa; Jenna Dewan-Tatum wearing Zuhair Murad; Kate Bosworth wearing Dolce and Gabbana; Brie Larson wearing Calvin Klein; Laverne Cox wearing Elizabeth Kennedy; Taraji P. Henson wearing Stella McCartney; Sophia Bush wearing Narciso Rodriguez; Viola Davis wearing Marchesa. 


Image Source: Getty / Jason Merritt


People | Carolyn Bessette

Not only was Carolyn Bessette wife to the irresistibly handsome John F. Kennedy Jr. or daughter-in-law to the socialite of all socialites respectfully (a woman of impeccable taste herself) the former first lady Jackie O, Bessette is the woman who defined understated cool. Narcsio Rodriguez designed her wedding dress (fact) and I like to believe Manolo named his signature sling-back pumps after her (however this is probably not true therefore do not quote me on it) because the shoe is a perfect representation of her style (plus it is named Carolyn'e'). Her effortless style has influenced many designers and self-proclaimed fashionistas alike. Bessette was the "it" girl of the 90's. Her perfect white-blonde locks; bare face with bold red lips; white button downs; neutral color palettes; wide leg crop denim and oversized birkins, never looked as if she was trying, yet she was always the best dressed in the room. The late Carolyn Bessette defined minimalism and her influence on fashion, whether you know it or not, is more alive than ever.



(Photos are for informative/reference/educational/inspirational purpose only and are not mine)

Beauty | Skincare


I am not much of a product Junkie. I like and use what works and as a general rule of thumb “if its not broke don’t fix it!” One of my girlfriends always has the 411 when it comes to great beauty and skincare products because unlike me she is for lack of a better term a self-proclaimed “product junkie” which is great because I have reaped the benefits of her extensive knowledge on skincare/make-up products. A few days ago I ventured out into the sea of skincare/make-up counters on my own and left with a couple great creams from La Mer and I am very excited about them. I put a small but accurate list together of some products my skin does not live without. 

La Mer: I purchased what I believe to be their most famous product crème de la mer moisturizing cream and concentre de la mer eye concentrate. Everyone who uses these products swears by them so I am very excited to add them to my nightly beauty routine. I keep the moisturizing to a minimum during the day and save all my serum and creams for bedtime. I will keep you posted on how I like them.

Ole Henriksen: I use the invigorating night treatment at night and the sheer transformation for day and night. These two products work wonders for me. Since I started using these products I have noticed a dramatic improvement in the texture and appearance of my skin.

Dior: When I lived in LA I used Dior everything and my skin was more than satisfied. When I moved to New York that changed. I read somewhere different climates can change your skin (not to mention city air isn’t as fresh or clean as beach air). I still recommend Dior products and I still use the Dior toner from time to time, it leaves your skin feeling clean and fresh. (not pictured)

Kiehls: I really like the ultra moisturizer with SPF. I use it almost everyday especially in the summer.

SK11: I love the essence mask. I try to do this once a week….you wake up with plump bright skin.


Halloween | Movie Night

From the time I was too old to participate in trick-or-treating it has been tradition on the night of Halloween to watch scary films and eat tons of candy. I decided I am going to mix it up this year and do movie night on the eve of Halloween (tonight) and partake in some of the Halloween festivities tomorrow. Last year I watched "The Shining", it was so scary that I could not handle watching another horror film and had to put on the T.V. show "Friends" to get out of my state of terror. I really recommend watching it and the others I have listed below.


The Shining (1980): This film is a cult classic. Jack Nicholson is brilliant and you may recognize the leading lady from Annie Hall. Super Scary!

The Strangers (2008): OK.......This movie had me on the edge of my seat! keep in mind I am also easily scared. I know some people may find the movie to be a little cliche', but it scared me so it is on the list.

American Psycho (2000): Scary and Twisted

Texas Chainsaw Massacre (2003): I did not want to step foot in Texas after seeing this.

Paranormal Activity (2007): This movie is shot in home video doc style so it seems extremely real. Must See!!!!!

On the watch-list tonight is Psycho (1960) and Rosemarys Baby(1968) (I will be sleeping w/the lights on)

If you are going out tonight have fun and be safe


Image Sources: IMDb


Doing a juice cleanse and going for five days (pause for dramatic effect)……..I doubt I will make it a whole five days but who knows maybe I will surprise myself. I am not doing this to lose weight or anything and I do not recommend doing any sort of juice fast to lose weight for long term goals. Sometimes it is good to hit reset on your body and that is why I am doing the cleanse. I decided to go with Juice Press Juices (TriBeCa), their packaging is fun and they have so many different juices to choose from. I like to drink 3-4 juices a day (I try to keep to the green ones) and then I make my own protein drink (recipe below). This protein drink is not too heavy in protein and I don’t load it with a bunch of “healthy” fats so it is light and still does the job (I make it for breakfast sometimes too). xx

My Protein Drink Recipe 

1 tablespoon of Vibrant Health Pure Green Protein in vanilla (comes in chocolate too, I just like vanilla more)

½ Banana

1 cup of unsweetened almond milk

Put everything in a blender, blend and enjoy…..

(for two servings double everything)

Sample Sale | The Row

This is the reason why I moved to New York! (not really but its a huge plus). Pre-having lived here I believed sample sales to be urban myths, how Carrie Bradshaw spent her Saturdays, and something to daydream about but definitely not real. Well, I can tell you sample sales are not an urban myth but very, very real. It is easy to get carried away and buy stuff that isn't so great because the deals are often just that good so I tend to avoid them like the plague; I am a firm believer in quality vs. quantity. However....if it is a designer/clothing line that I have no trouble or remorse paying full retail for then you can count on me being there. The Row is great because the silhouettes are timeless and simple, which is good because that means the items are usually "seasonless". If you are looking to invest in some staple pieces then The Row is one of the few ways to go. For the past couple of days they held a sample sale and I went twice.....Yes, it was that good! (all pictures are mine unless stated otherwise)  xx                             

Allow me to reintroduce myself, my name is.......

I am not exactly sure what I am suppose to be writing since this is my first post. Putting content doesn’t seem right but what do I know!? I guess I will use this opportunity to give you some info on me and what my website will be about. Then we can get to the cool stuff ;-)

My name is Skylar but I go by Sky and not by choice. I use to be very pretentious about my name and adamant that people call me Skylar but people are people and they do what they want and what the people want is to call me Sky!!!! I literally woke up one day (very recently) and said screw it, let me give the people what they want, call me Sky. My name is Sky! I live and love in the city that never sleeps (except in the summer) NYC. I always wanted to do the blog thing but never really committed and now I feel like I am in a place in my life where I feel like I can really contribute something. I have a lust for certain things in life and I want to share it all in this one forum. Yes, you will witness my over indulgence in all things superficial but also have access to my critical thoughts on current events, the arts, pop culture, people etc.….. I am provocative by nature, I don’t always agree with the popular opinion but I am an inspired woman who believes and preaches knowledge is infinite (while sipping champagne and trying on Manolos of course).

Thanks for stopping by and check back soon for my next post. Xx